Monis Bukhari

Mark Zuckerberg promotes new global thinking

at my birthday in 2016 Mark Zuckerberg published a 6000 words letter when he mentioned my activities and wrote:

“The most successful physical communities have engaged leaders, and we’ve seen the same with online groups as well. In Berlin, a man named Monis Bukhari runs a group where he personally helps refugees find homes and jobs. Today, Facebook’s tools for group admins are relatively simple. We plan to build more tools to empower community leaders like Monis to run and grow their groups the way they’d like, similar to what we’ve done with Pages.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Building Global Community 

You can read the whole letter by clicking here

And a report in German by clicking here

Then Facebook made this short video about my story


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Personal Information

Born in Damascus, Syria, in 1978. Study art and filmmaking, Cinematography so photography.

With a strong background in promotion and communications and journalism and social media, my passion is inspiring motivated people to Live, Work & Connect.

Studied, practiced, taught, and written about the art and science of intentional networking and cultivating powerful conversations, connections, and business referrals and history’s science for more than 15 years.